Haven is a very picturesque little town, kind people, quaint and unique shops, and a multitude of dark secrets.

This is one of SyFy’s best secrets; if one takes the time to see it, the show has great potential. We recently decided to cover the show here and although the second season has already begun, you’ve only missed one episode and can read a recap of that season two premiere here.

The show is based very loosely on the Steven King novella, ‘The Colorado Kid.’ The protagonist, however, has been changed. Rather than focusing the series on the quirky Newspaper editors and staff, the main character is Audrey Parker, who is a member of the FBI that is sent to Haven to track down a killer.

The man Audrey is looking for does not make her assignment difficult as he ends up, what looks like some thirty yards from the base of a cliff, which of course would be impossible without the use of a cannon, as Audrey points out. Audrey seems to have a knack for dealing with the townsfolk and their…“troubles.”

The case is eventually solved, but a newspaper clipping of a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Audrey surfaces. This sparks a mystery inside the mystery for Audrey who, as an orphan with no idea of her lineage, has a life already steeped in the unknown.

As the season progresses, we discover more of Haven’s endearing denizen are more than they appear. From a woman whose emotions call forth wind and rain of gale force proportions, to a child’s dreams manifesting themselves with deadly results.

Haven is a beautiful town, and if you are fortunate enough to have HD television, the landscapes are breathtaking. What makes Haven work as a series, however, is the cast: Audrey Parker, played by the lovely Emily Rose (‘E.R.’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’)

Nathan Wournous, is portrayed by Lucas Bryant who once appeared on ‘Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse,’ as well as ‘M.V.P.’ and ‘Queer As Folk.’ Nathan is the town cop with the very rare and – in tune with the strange town -odd affliction of idiopathic neuropathy, a condition which makes it impossible to feel pain.

Nathan just happens to be the Son of Police Chief Garland, played by Nicholas Campbell, who plays a fairly major and recurring role.

Then we have the antihero style character of Duke Crocker, played by Eric Balfour. Eric has appeared in ‘No Ordinary Family,’ ‘Valemont,’ ’24’ and others. Duke has a sordid past, and not the most law abiding presence for that matter.

Smuggling via his boat among other things of ill repute, Duke is one of the more charismatic individuals in the show. (They always are, are they not?)

Richard Donat plays the part of Vince Teagues. Vince, alongside his brother, Dave, who is played by John Dunsworth, both run the local newspaper. Vince and Dave are eccentric and sweet, and are always willing to help Audrey out with little tidbits of information about Haven’s past, and it’s inhabitant’s, past and present included.

Half way through season one, the episode “Fur” leads us down the proverbial garden path, after a series of animal attacks, the viewers – already familiar with the way things tend to go In Haven, naturally think “Werewolf”.

When Chief Wournous decides to hunt the animal down, he is attacked by a moose. After killing the apparently rabid beastie, he realizes that it has been… stuffed. No, not from a large meal, but from a taxidermist! I would elaborate, but as with most every episode of Haven, you need to see this for yourself!

All in all, Haven delivers beautiful Maine landscapes, friendly, albeit, idiosyncratic people, and most importantly for us Sci-Fi fans, Bizarre and ghastly phenomenon. You can see ‘Haven” on Friday nights at 10pm Eastern or 9pm Central time.