When he isn’t defending the DC Universe on The CW as the star of ‘Arrow’ or helping some heroes in a half shell in New York City as Casey Jones in the upcoming ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,’ Stephen Amell is a proud member of the WWE Universe. The actor frequently shares his love of World Wrestling Entertainment on social media and has expressed his desire to guest host an episode of Monday Night Raw in the past. But it looks like the Emerald Archer may do more than just appear on WWE programming.

During last week’s episode of Raw, which emanated from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York for the last time before the storied arena closes its doors, Amell took a break from filming to take in a wrestling show. However, the actor caught the attention of Stardust, a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion with an affinity for space and science fiction. In fact, he can often be seen sporting ring attire inspired by comic book icons such as Harley Quinn and Mister Sinister. However, the bizarre brawler spotted the “real life” superhero in the crowd and decided to have some words with the Arrow:

In addition to that challenge being thrown down, Stardust debuted a new move at last night’s Elimination Chamber event dubbed the Queen’s Crossbow. Though it’s actually the finishing maneuver that he used for years with a different name, it’s still clearly a shot at the man who plays Oliver Queen. And now new reports have emerged saying that this altercation will escalate into a match at WWE Summerslam later this year. According to The Hollywood Life, Amell will join the likes of Mr. T, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Rodman, Jay Leno, and Snooki as prominent figures from the entertainment world to step into the squared circle:

“Steven is looking to get in the ring for the WWE and the match looks like it will take place at SummerSlam in NYC. The WWE and Stephen are deciding if he should wrestle as himself or Arrow. In the next few weeks that will be answered but what can be answered now is that he will definitely have a match against WWE Superstar Stardust.”

Previously, Amell donned his green hood to send a message to professional wrestling legend Sting, who had been dubbed WWE’s resident vigilante. The pair recently let bygones be bygones at Wizard World Philadelphia when they met for the first time, but now it looks as if we may see the vigilante of Starling City face off against another face-painted fighter. At least, that’s what the wrestler formerly known as Cody Rhodes believes:

What do you think about Stephen Amell taking on Stardust at WWE Summerslam? Would you rather see him take on the seeker of the Cosmic Key as himself or the Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!