RUMOR/SPOILER ALERT: The information in this article was reported by an “inside source,” and though the details are quite specific, take it with a grain of salt.  Also, it is VERY SPOILER-Y.  If you want to go into the first episode of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’, you may wish to turn back.

It appears that some have had the good fortune to have seen the pilot episode of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’, the live action flagship show, based on DC’s ‘Teen Titans’, which will be the first original creation offered on the streaming service when it launches later this year.  This information was posted online at SplashReport in a more in-depth manner, but here are some of the highlights.

  • The pilot is akin to an extremely pared down version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and focuses on the individual characters and developing them and their backstories, before eventually bringing them together as a team.
  • The first episode focuses mainly on Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Rachel Roth/Raven (Teagan Croft) and Starfire (Anna Diop).
  • Definitely NOT a live-action version of ‘Teen Titans GO!’; the series is strictly for adults, with explicit language, including multiple uses of the S-word and F-bomb. Then there is the extreme violence, with “bone snaps, people being shot, burned, and mangled.”
  • Despite the dark color pallet in Robin’s costume, this show is not completely grounded, as it appears that Starfire is shown flying and hurling flame bolts.  It embraces its fantastical comic book roots, where it’s needed.
  • As we sort of already knew, the pilot opens with a flashback to Dick’s days as part of the Flying Grayson’s circus act.  But when viewers are first introduced to him in the present, he is a bitter loner.  Whatever happened between Batman and him has left him angry and isolated.  He has moved from Gotham to San Francisco, where he works as a police detective, but he is shown as being antagonistic toward his fellow officers.  This Robin does not play well with others.
  • Rachel Roth’s mother Arella is an insomniac who is struggling to deal with her unique child.  Rachel’s neighbors and classmates are afraid of her and bully her.  It appears that Rachel’s struggles at school will be an ongoing plot point, so it doesn’t seem she will be quitting high school for a full-time career as a superhero.
  • Raven is shown as having what appears to be a demonic force inside of her.  She is also the target of the series’ first villain The Acolyte, whose actions set the main story in motion.
  • When she is first introduced, Starfire is fleeing from a car accident in which the driver of the car is killed.  She is on the run from armed men.
  • She is a woman of mystery, with numerous passports and the ability to speak many languages.  (In the comics, Starfire can learn a language just by kissing someone who speaks it.)
  • The various subplots come together for the pilot’s climax, but there are no spoilers.  There is, apparently, a “jaw-dropping” reveal, though.

I’ve been a bit wary of ‘Titans’ due to the images released and certain bits of info that have been revealed or leaked.  But it sounds like the show itself will be satisfying, but we’ll see.

DC Universe is expected to launch in late August, but an exact release date for ‘Titans’ hasn’t been announced.