One of the riskier superhero TV shows coming out this fall, ‘Supergirl, ‘ definitely takes the cake for having the most guts. Not only is she premiering on a network not known for having a young audience (which is ideally who a show like ‘Supergirl’ would be targeted at), but it is also staying independent of other DC Comics televisions staple shows ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ intent on having its own world, characters and universe, meaning the show will die on its own or fly on its own. The plus side is that they get to use whatever characters they want without worrying about continuity with the other shows, but it also means it will not be able to dip into the already substantial audience that is watching the DC shows on the CW.

In the video below released from CBS, audiences can get a glimpse into the epic backstory of Kara, and where she comes from. Sent in a pod from Krypton right after her famous cousin (who grows up to be Superman), Kara was supposed to arrive on Earth at the same time as Kal-El and be his protector, but the blast from Krypton’s destruction knocked her transport into the Phantom Zone, where she remained in timeless suspended animation for 24 years, staying a little girl while her cousin grew up on Earth. By the time she does get to Earth, grown-up Superman now looks after her, placing her in foster care so she can grow up in a  relatively normal household.

Check out the full featurette below:

What are your thoughts on ‘Supergirl’ so far? Should CBS have allowed the show to exist in the same universe as ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash?’

Let us know your opinions below in the comments, and make sure you tune in to watch ‘Supergirl’ on CBS when it premieres on October 26th at 8:30pm (following that week it will move to its regular time slot of 8pm).

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