Todd McFarlane Spawn

Spawn‘ creator Todd McFarlane has long been on record that his own cinematic adaptation of his fan-favorite character wasn’t going to get much screen time in the movie. Now he is going on to share once again that the hero, which Jamie Foxx will be playing, isn’t going to be seen that often because this will be a “creep movie.” Audiences should get out of their standard “superhero mode” when seeing this film as ‘Spawn’ will not be the focus of the film as a hero normally would be.

Think of this as your classic horror movies and not something that Marvel would put out:

“If you look at it from a superhero perspective, then, of course, Batman and Captain America and Spider-Man are on screen a ton. Because the cameras follow them down. That’s who the camera’s following.

When you start going into creep movies, then the camera doesn’t follow the boogie man or the monster. It follows humans, which I have in my movie. But people enjoy creepy movies and don’t go, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I saw the boogie man more.’ They don’t do that. They just go, ‘Wow, that was cool.’”

Horror movies always have the monster hidden in the shadows for as long as possible. ‘Spawn’ is going to be a hero in this movie but in an extreme antihero kind of way. He is meant to be in the shadows, cold-blooded, and terrifying to those who do wrong and that sounds exactly like what McFarlane is going to be giving us.

Part of the reasoning he keeps stressing this difference is:

“I think that’s gotta be the odd part about the movie for some people who are gonna go. I just have to get them out of their superhero mode. Their $200 million dollar movie budget superhero mode to going into a creep movie.

Think about all the creep movies you’ve been to in your life, which I’m sure dozens and dozens you’ve seen on TV. Which is dozens and dozens of these. That’s the formula.”

This new formula is either going to be different enough to have audiences lining up to see it or be so far from what they’re used to that it could fail miserably.

I’m hoping that this is a hit.

Do you think ‘Spawn’ will get the kind of attention which McFarlane is hoping for? Are you looking for a horror movie with the trappings of a superhero being the one in the shadows? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book