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Now fans can get a taste of why The CW picked up the reboot of ‘Charmed’.  There was some controversy over some of the language used (“fierce, funny, feminist”) to describe the show, but now that an extended trailer has been released, you can see that there is more to this than cutesy alliteration.

The trailer shows Melonie Diaz as “firebrand social justice warrior” Mel Pruitt and Sarah Jeffrey as her younger sister Maggie with their mother, Marisol, just before she is killed.  In the aftermath of her death, the girls’ lives are in turmoil, with Mel “morbidly obsessed” with find a killer, even though the police claim there was no evidence of foul play.  Thiings only get worse when their long lost sister Macy (Madeleine Mantock), whom their mother kept a secret, shows up seeking clues to her past.  Mel is already reeling emotionally and shuts Macy out, but things really go nuts when they slowly discover they have super powers.  Mel can freeze time, while Maddie inadvertently finds herself reading minds at a college party.  When Macy gets agitated at her boyfriend Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) a beer bottle flies across the room and hits the wall.

Luckily (?), the sisters won’t be alone in their quest for understanding, as “Whitelighter” mentor Harry Greenwood (Rupert Evans) soon arrives and seems to have all the information that they will need to solve their mother’s murder.  The sisters realize they must stick together and embrace their destiny to use their abilities to protect humanity against the monsters that seek its destruction.


The original ‘Charmed’ was a mix of action, suspense and humor.  The new version will probably follow that pattern, but the first trailer seems to emphasize the darker elements.  However, by the end, we see the three sisters, reunited for the first time, linking hands and stepping forward into their futures.

As a bonus, The CW has also released a short teaser clip that shows what lengths the sisters go to in order to get answers regarding Marisol’s death:


In addition to the trailer and teaser, the CW released these first images from the pilot:

The CW is adding a Sunday night lineup this year for the first time and it looks like the night will be chock full of girl power, as ‘Supergirl’ is moving to that night at 8pm EST with ‘Charmed’ following at 9pm EST.

Source: TVLine