Wayward Sisters

‘Supernatural’ fans were disappointed to say the least that The CW opted not to pick up the proposed spinoff ‘Wayward Sisters’ which focused on some of the parent show’s most popular female characters, Jody Mills, Claire Novak, Patience Turner and newcomer Kaia Nieves.  A January episode of ‘Supernatural’ aired as a backdoor pilot for ‘Wayward Sisters’ and while fan reaction was positive, The CW did not decide to turn it into its own series.  Now the Mark Pedowitz, the president of the network has offered an explanation.

“We had really great material this year. We’re really excited about the five series we did pickup.  We are big fans of the characters and the women who played those characters in the series, but we did not feel creatively that the show is where we wanted it to be, and we felt we had a better shot with Legacies.”

The CW ordered new shows ‘All American’ and reboots of ‘Charmed’ and ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, although the latter won’t premier until midseason.  It also ordered ‘Legacies’ a spinoff from ‘The Originals’ (which was cancelled) which was itself a spinoff from ‘The Vampire Diaries’.  It seems there was some thematic overlap between the two proposed series and The CW chose the one that they thought was going to deliver stronger ratings.

In a similar move, The CW passed on ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ a witch-based series that would have connected to ‘Riverdale’, because they had higher hopes for ‘Charmed’ for which they had ordered a pilot.  ‘Sabrina’ went to Netflix who placed a two season, twenty episode order right off the bat.  It does not appear that ‘Sabrina’ will now connect to ‘Riverdale’… at least not at first.

The stars of ‘Wayward Sisters’ have taken to social media to voice their disappointment, along with the fans who have also created a petition to get The CW to reconsider.  The petition has gained over 70,000 signatures.

Are you upset that ‘Wayward Sisters’ didn’t make the cut?

Source: Entertainment Weekly