When Syfy launched a new initiative years ago to push back to their roots of science fiction it sounded good on paper. Now, however, they are cancelling yet another fan-favorite show. Syfy has announced ‘The Expanse‘ will end after its third season. While the last episode is set to air in July of the current run, not all hope is lost as Alcon Television Group who both finances and produces the show still owns the rights and plans to shop it to other networks.

Hopefully, we’ll see one of the streaming services pick this one up. I hear science fiction is huge on Netflix right now.

According to Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment:

“The Expanse transported us across the solar system for three brilliant seasons of television. Everyone at Syfy is a massive fan of the series, and this was an incredibly difficult decision. We want to sincerely thank The Expanse’s amazing cast, crew and all the dedicated creatives who helped bring James S.A. Corey’s story to life. And to the series’ loyal fans, we thank you most of all.”

It should be noted that when Syfy decided to head back to producing quality science fiction not only was ‘The Expanse’ one of the shows which were greenlit for the endeavor but it was also the one that got me invested back into enjoying the network. In fact, while I loved the first two seasons of the show, I would say it has only gotten better in the current run, and I know most fans that I talk to seem to have agreed with that.

With this also being the last season of ‘12 Monkeys‘, only ‘The Magicians’ will be continuing from this original slate.

The problem for the network though could stem from the fact that their deal only gives them first-run linear rights so if the live numbers aren’t there for the show, it isn’t worth it to them as it can’t factor in streaming to the equation.

Alcon Entertainment co-founders and co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson shared:

“We are very disappointed the show will not be returning to Syfy. We respect Syfy’s decision to end this partnership, but given the commercial and critical success of the show, we fully plan to pursue other opportunities for this terrific and original IP.”

I hope it can find a new home, and quickly so that there won’t be a long delay if a fourth season drops.

Are you annoyed that ‘The Expanse’ might be off the air for good after the current season? Do you think that they’ll be able to find a new home? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline