Felicity, who actually never appeared to Oliver and asked for a separation as she was at the Science Fair with William (the Felicity at HQ after the fight was a hallucination), realizes Oliver is heading to the SCPD station from a tracking device she has on Oliver’s bow, and calls Quentin to find out what is going on. She finds out about the Vertigo (which William overhears) and realizes what happened earlier with the science project. She and Quentin realize what Oliver is up to now: A drug fueled mission to take down Diaz.

They both head out to stop Oliver, with Quentin arriving first and finding Oliver in his old suit and in a rage. He knocks down Quentin and heads inside. Felicity arrives to find Quentin dazed but alright and bravely heads inside to save her husband. She gets to Oliver right before he hits the trap, her computers showing her Diaz waiting with a room full of armed cops for Oliver to burst inside and manages to talk Oliver out of making a huge mistake. They flee just in time and head back to HQ where Felicity gives her homemade hangover cure and he finally comes down off the drug.

Oliver later goes and talks to William to apologize for earlier and manages to patch things up and then tells Felicity the drug did manage to give him some clarity. He does need to take some things back to basics, including bringing the mission back to just him (so it does seem like he is removing Overwatch for the moment, though I am not sure how he will operate without her tech help honestly). He wants to continue on as Mayor if they will let him, but a news report quickly shuts down that idea as they announce Oliver has been impeached. Oliver tells Quentin that he is now Mayor of Star City.

As for Diaz, he is triumphant despite not killing Oliver in the Police Department, but when approached by Black Siren/ Laurel and asked why he does not just go and kill Oliver at this point, he repeats the phrase Oliver hallucinated earlier and says Oliver would be too powerful a symbol as a martyr, and there is still so much more he can do to destroy Oliver Queen. First up, he sends out word that with Mayor Queen out, Star City is open for business for all crime.


  • Anyone else worried that Quentin or Felicity was either going to die in tonight’s episode or later in this season based on them being Oliver’s only being remaining friends?
  • Also thought it very odd that at the end of last week’s episode Dig left the team, but things did not seem that contentious. Cut to this week, and he and Oliver seem very heated indeed.
  • I did not think impeachments moved this quickly, nor did I think they removed sitting elected officials in exactly this manner. I should also point out the show was a little heavy handed in its handling of the topic and the circumstances of Oliver’s impeachment. I hold to my previous opinion that the show should STAY OUT of current political topics as it is just not well-written enough to do them well.
  • I feel like Mayor Lance could be a stronger Mayor than Oliver ever was, and I am hoping the show takes advantage of that fact and does not have Quentin fail at the job because of Diaz and his manipulations. Would be nice to see Lance get a win here.
  • If Diaz really feels Oliver would be too strong a symbol as a martyr, why was he about to kill him in the police station? Seems an odd statement to me.

Definitely a fun episode in that I like seeing Prometheus torturing Oliver, and it was also cool seeing the Hood and Oliver in that suit again, as well as the idea of Oliver taking on this quest by himself once more. I feel like the show was more innovative when he worked alone and did not have a cavalry to bring in every time things looked bleak. Here’s to hoping that from this point on in the season we start to see things start to finally start turning around for Oliver Queen, especially since he still does have his wife and son as the bright points in his life, and has finally shed the burden of being Mayor (a plot point I never liked anyway. He needs to get back in business. After all, there is a still a future where Queen Consolidated exists, at least according to ‘The Flash,’ so he needs to figure that out…)

See you back here next week!