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Previously, ‘The Fast And The Furious’ actress Devon Aoki had joined the cast of ‘Arrow’ as Tatsu Yamashiro, better known in the comics as Katana, a longtime member of The Outsiders and a recent member of the Justice League of America.  The character was lined up to play a part in Oliver’s development into the hero he is now (and will become as the series develops).

But now, Aoki is out and ‘The Wolverine‘ star Rila Fukushima is stepping into the role.  Fukushima played Yukio in the Marvel movie.  Aoki abandoned the role due to “scheduling conflicts.”  Fukushima will act opposite Karl Yune, as Maseo, Tatsu’s husband.

Fukushima joins a list of guest stars slated for the new season of the DC Comics-based series, including Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer (potentially The Atom), Matt Ward as Komodo, Peter Stormare as the new Vertigo, J.R. Ramirez as Wildcat, David Cubitt as Manhunter.

What do you think?  Will Rila Fukushima make a better Katana than Devon Aoki?  Will this character be a decent fit for the world of ‘Arrow’?

‘Arrow’ returns to The CW on October 8th.  Will you be tuning in?

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Matt Ward as DC’s Komodo, ‘Arrow’ season 3 has also recruited ‘Superman Returns’ star Brandon Routh in a major recurring role as tech magnate (and likely Felicity love interest) Ray Palmer, better known as DC’s “The Atom.” Not only that, but ‘22 Jump Street”s Peter Stormare will act as our new Vertigo, J.R. Ramirez will appear as DC superhero Wildcat, David Cubitt will play DC’s Manhunter, and ‘Real Steel’ star Karl Yune will play Oliver’s flashback Hong Kong handler.