Even with the impeachment hearing pending, Oliver still has to run home with Felicity for a science-fair with William, but he quickly loses his temper and accidentally smashes his son’s project. Felicity tells him to get out while she fixes it, as she and William are both pretty angry with his outburst. Back at HQ, Felicity arrives and tells Oliver what he did was unacceptable and she needs space, asking for a separation and saying she will take William to protect him from Oliver.

Next, Oliver is attacked by none other than Prometheus, who claims Oliver never checked to make sure he was dead. Oliver takes him out but Prometheus pops right back up again. It becomes clear that something fishy is happening. Oliver realizes he might have been drugged as Prometheus has to be dead and does a chemical test on himself, realizing he has VERTIGO in his system. He flashes back to shaking hands with the city official and realizes the man was yet another Diaz plant. He calls Quentin and says he will be late for the impeachment proceedings, explaining what is going on, and Quentin arrives for a heart to heart, telling Oliver that things will work out, that Felicity will come around, and that he is a better man than he was before, and not to forget that (and Quentin should know, he HATED the Hood and the vigilante Oliver used to be).

Oliver’s drug-fueled day gets worse from there, as he imagines himself back at Queen Manor on the day before he left with his father on the ill-fated Queen’s Gambit and saying goodbye to Laurel. All the while, Prometheus is taunting him with how he betrayed her love and then let her become the Black Canary, a mistake that cost Laurel her life. Oliver then flashes over to Laurel’s deathbed, and then Rene’s hospital bed, with Rene asking why Oliver never visited if he felt no guilt over what happened. Oliver then hallucinates himself back at his apartment where he is attacked by Diaz who stabs him, claiming that he would never really kill Oliver as he is too powerful as a martyr.

In real life, Oliver is over an hour late to his impeachment proceedings, and Quentin is very worried. When Oliver arrives, he tells him they have little to no support or help, and tells Oliver their only shot is to use Felicity’s evidence. Oliver relents. When they have the meeting, the Council is, of course, VERY suspicious of the evidence, openly calling out Oliver as the Green Arrow. Quentin pretends Oliver has a family emergency to get him out of the meeting, and then sends Oliver back to HQ to finish recovering from the Vertigo effects, all while Oliver’s hallucinations of Prometheus continue to sneer at him from the background, enjoying Ollie’s misery as his life crumbles around him.

Back at HQ, Oliver is confronted by a hallucination of the HOOD, who claims Oliver has “failed this city” (the writers still manage to get that line into the show whenever they can nowadays…), and forgotten his original mission, shrieking that there was never supposed to be a TEAM, a Felicity, a Diggle, or a GREEN ARROW. Prometheus, agreeing with the Hood, encourages Oliver to take control once more and reclaim his city. So Oliver puts on the old suit and heads to the SCPD station to confront Diaz alone. (Continued on next page)