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If you’re like us, you’ve no doubt been following the events unfolding around comic book legend Stan Lee. It’s a saga that’s as heartbreaking as it is labyrinthine. Following the death of his wife of seventy years last summer and a bout with pneumonia earlier this year, there have been several rapid-fire shakeups among Lee’s personal management which have sparked several semi-public feuds between his current and former associates. All of this is in addition to rumors of strife between Lee and his daughter, culminating in a situation that has produced numerous conflicting claims of manipulation and elder abuse.

Given Lee’s stature in pop culture, this chaos in his inner circle represents something of a perfect storm. And while that storm has been gathering steam for months, it finally made landfall earlier this week, with the one-two punch of reports from Silicon Valley Comic Con that Lee appeared weary and out of sorts and the publication of a lengthy article by the Hollywood Reporter that offers perhaps the clearest picture possible of this mess.

With all the concerns that have been raised about Lee’s health and the intentions of those around him, fans, friends, and comics professionals have all voiced their concerns. And now POW! Entertainment (a production company Lee founded in the early 2000s) has joined the chorus with an open letter. The full text follows:

An open letter to the fans

We at POW! Entertainment take great pride in our continuing work to create exciting new Stan Lee content and characters as well as safeguarding the legacy of the greatest story teller of our time. We are also fans and share the heartfelt admiration and love of the community who have voiced their sincere concern for Stan’s well-being.

We have been respectful of Stan’s health issues and have given him the time and space necessary to convalesce. We have also respected his privacy as he deals with the upheaval within his personal management and life. However, upon seeing the many public videos and testimonials of Stan at Silicon Valley Comic Con and multiple other disturbing news reports, we feel we must add our voice to the legion of fans and creatives who are speaking out.

As many have noted, what the videos from SVCC showed was not the normal Stan disposition, which is usually loaded with an endless energy and exuberance that fans around the world have come to love and admire throughout the years.

We, like you, simply want Stan to enjoy life, connect with his fans when he is able, and most importantly spend his time going forward without impediment or stress.

One thing we know for certain is when something is off, the fans bond together. We are touched by the outpouring of love for our Chief Creative Officer and friend, and we proudly stand with you for Stan.

Your thoughts matter, please find it in your heart to Speak Up For Stan!

The POW! Family

All of us at are keeping Stan Lee in our thoughts. We’ll update you on his well being as new information becomes available.