John Krasinski Life On MarsAfter the success of ‘Quiet Place,’ it looks like John Krasinski is already planning his next project ‘Life on Mars’ and to help him, he is bringing back some familiar faces. While Krasinski is expected to direct as well as produce with Allyson Seeger, he hasn’t stated if he’ll be starring in the movie at this time. On the production side of things, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller who worked with the actor and director on his previous film are coming back for another outing! Not only that, but they’re also negotiating with Paramount who distributed the horror hit to take this one on as well.

It seems like they’re trying to put together the same formula in case magic strikes twice, and I have no problems with that one.

At this time there isn’t a cast or writer attached to the project though I suspect that we won’t be waiting long for news on either of these fronts.

‘Life on Mars’ is an adaptation of the short story ‘We Have Always Lived on Mars’ by Cecil Castellucci. The tale follows a young woman who lived in a colony on Mars which Earth has abandoned after a cataclysm occurred. In it, this woman and fellow descendants are trying to get by, and their entire world is rocked when she discovers that she can now breathe the air on the planet.

Having read the story, I was a huge fan of it. My only complaint is that I felt the twist was obvious in the short story itself. I’m not sure how it will translate to a feature film and still build the suspense while not giving away what is to come.

Are you excited by the prospect of checking out ‘Life on Mars’? Do you feel that John Krasinski will have another hit with this film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter