Stan Lee
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Before his passing, Stan “The Man” Lee was always a showman even in his final days. He loved to create, and he loved the fans of Marvel. In one of his final videos before his passing Lee took a moment to talk about the fans and how important they’ve all been to him over the years. It is only 90-seconds long but speaks volumes of the passion he had for both his work and all those who enjoyed it over the years.

You can watch the video in the Tweet below, just get ready to shed some tears:

If you aren’t able to watch it at this time you can read what Lee had to share about his fans below:

“I love my fans. I cannot tell you how much I love my fans. Sometimes at night, I am sitting here thinking, ‘What’s it all about?’ And then I get a letter from a fan, or I read something, or I see something, or I remember something. And I realize, it’s so lucky to have fans, fans who really care about you. That’s the reason I care so much about the fans because they make me feel so great.
And there’s something, if you think about it, wonderful about someone caring about you — as I care about them — whom you’ve never met. They may live in another part of the world. But they care, and you have something in common. And occasionally you contact each other. But this business of fans I think is terrific, and I love them all.”

We know that Stan was always willing to spend time with his fans over the years and was a fount of energy and exuberance for being able to interact with everyone who loved the work he had helped develop over the years. It was a sad day when he passed, but our memories and his creations will live on forever. Including potentially his last creations with his daughter and his ideas over at POW! Entertainment which have yet to be released.

Do you love that Stan Lee appreciated his fans as much as we did him? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Stan Lee’s Twitter Account