Fans of HBO’s ‘Westworld‘ have reason to celebrate as we’ve got five new recurring actors joining the cast! Some have been shown in trailers or the first season, but there are completely new faces here as well! With the show’s sophomore season dropping on April 22nd, 2018, there isn’t much time for new details to emerge and each one feels like a win for the audience.

Westworld guest stars season 2
                                                         Top: Tao Okamoto, Kiki Sukezane                                                                                               Bottom: Zahn McClarnon, Julia Jones, Martin Sensmeier                                                                                                                                                                 

Joining the cast will be Tao Okamoto (‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) who will play Hanaryo and Kiki Sukezane (‘Lost in Space’) who is tackling the role of Sakura. Outside of names, there is nothing to go on as to what to expect from this pair but one could guess that at least one or both could be a part of the new Shogun World park that we’ll be seeing more of.

Producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have said of Shogun World:

“This is a world that’s a composite — just as Westworld is a composite with the early-19th-century open range of Red River and the immediate post-Civil War era of The Searchers, but it also has trains. We felt free to have a composite with Shogun World and pick and choose. This is basically the Edo period, but with artifacts from across 300 years.”

Also joining the cast will be Julia Jones (‘Twilight’) taking on the part of Kohana and seen in the secret trailer was Zahn McClarnon who goes by the name of Akecheta. These two could likely be part of the Native American tribe of Ghost Nation who tormented Maeve in the first season. Of the five new recurring characters, Martin Sensmeier played a Native American warrior in the first season named Wanahton and will be back full time for the second outing.

Are you excited to hear that we’ll likely be exploring even more of both Shogun World and the Ghost Nation? Which plot are you most interested in revisiting in the second season of ‘Westworld’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly