With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ set to debut in a little over 2 weeks (On April 27th! I already got my tickets!!), Marvel has released a new featurette in anticipation of their latest ‘Avengers’ blockbuster to celebrate 10 years of the MCU. After 18 movies and all that has happened, it is nice to see Marvel and all the stars celebrate a little, and think back on all the stories that brought us to ‘Infinity War.’

The featurette starts off with a cool nostalgic shot of the Mark I armor from the first ‘Iron Man’ coming out of the cave, our first experience of Iron Man tech and hint of what was to come from the MCU. It is even nicer that the main point of the featurette is to thank fans for their continued dedication and support over that decade of filmmaking.

The featurette has many stars from the various MCU franchises, including Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Pom Klementieff, Anthony Mackie, Chris Hemsworth, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, and Elizabeth Olsen all coming out to thank the fans for their support over these many years and many films, citing examples such as coming to San Diego Comic Con and waiting in long lines for Hall H, to intense Twitter fights and comments, all the way to the amazing cosplayers. The stars are well aware of the support they have from the fans and are very thankful for it all.

Robert Downey Jr (aka Tony Stark/ Iron Man) probably says it best in the video, which makes sense considering he is the one who has been there since the beginning:

“To all our amazing fans, the truth is we are here for you. We gotta thank you for 10 years of support and inspiration. You’re the reason we’re here.”

Check out the full featurette for yourself below, and then make sure to go out and get your tickets for the epic culmination of 10 years of the MCU, coming to theaters on April 27th!