CBS is apparently tired of minting money based on the success of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ alone, so they have finally decided to do what all big networks do when they have a successful sitcom, and branch out. Yes people, we’re talking about a spin-off, though let’s hope it is more successful than TV’s most recent big name sitcom spin-off, ‘Joey,’ which cast a pall on the whole idea of sitcom spin-offs when it quickly died back in the mid-2000’s after a terribly first-season with awful ratings.

The idea here that the folks at CBS are thinking about is to do a show about the life of young Sheldon Cooper, appropriately enough the new show will be titled ‘Sheldon,’ and will be executive produced by Jim Parsons, Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro. It will focus on the life of Sheldon during his youthful days in Texas with his mother Mary and his twin sister (both of who we have met on the main show), his father who we have yet to meet, and his older brother who we have also yet to meet. Hopefully, it will also include his grandmother who we have seen is an important character in Sheldon’s life. The real question is whether or not they settled the lawsuit about the ‘Soft Kitty‘ song, as I cannot imagine them doing a show about Sheldon’s childhood without his mother singing him to sleep with that song.

The concept definitely has some potential, but it might have a more limited audience if the setting is middle America and all of the characters are more conservative Christian than the semi-diverse cast of the main show the spin-off is branching out from. But who knows, they might have some good ideas in mind for how they can appeal to a broader base, so it might all work out. For all we know, ‘Sheldon’ could be the next ‘Frasier’ and bring us another decade of sitcom goodness.

But, based on the quality of the current season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and trends of sitcoms in general, we should all be prepared for another ‘Joey’ just in case.

Source: Screen Rant

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