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We all know that ‘Suicide Squad’ went through massive reshoots and editing which changed the nature of the film and now cinematographer Roman Vasyanov is giving us a look at an alternate ending which showed what really happened to The Joker. We all know that Jared Leto’s take on the character was originally scheduled to have a bit more screen time and two small deleted pieces are shown below.

The first of which is this great shot of The Joker after escaping from that crashed helicopter which would have given Leto another layer of makeup for shots going forward assuming he ends up in the ‘The Batman‘, ‘Suicide Squad 2′, ‘Gotham City Sirens‘ or somewhere else:

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The other seems to be an expanded scene from the Joker’s Club where we see some of his dancers painted gold and wearing Batman styled masks. This is a bit darker than many of the scenes from the film and seems to be more in line with what we likely could have expected before the movie hit the cutting room floor. The Bat Dancers though really do a great job of showing off The Joker’s obcession with The Caped Crusader while fitting in this cinematic version of the character:

Entertainingly enough, of all of the complaints about DCEU films being too dark, this is the one that would have been safe to go that route. Establishing hardened criminals without a superhero stopping them feels like a no brainer by making them pure evil.

Do you wish that we would have gotten the original, darker version of ‘Suicide Squad’? Which of these two shots should have made it into the movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source:  Screen Rant