The Toys That Made Us

Arriving just in time for Christmas last year was Netflix’s fun documentary series ‘The Toys That Made Us’ with hour-long installments dedicated to ‘Star Wars’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Masters of the Universe’ and ‘G.I. Joe’.  Those four are probably the most iconic of all, but of course, there is always room for more.  The second half of Season One will premiere within the next few months and will feature episodes dedicated to ‘Transformers’, ‘Hello Kitty’, ‘LEGO’ and ‘Star Trek’.  Interestingly, ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Star Trek’ aren’t really single toy lines.  They’ve been featured in many different forms of licensing.  But hopefully, these new episodes will be as enjoyable and informative as the first four.

In more good news, Netflix has also ordered a second season.  If their release is the same as the first, expect four new episodes right before Christmas and four more in the first half of 2019.  No word on what will be covered in the second season.  There are tons of possibilities.  ‘My Little Pony’ has certainly stood the test of time.  ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ were a craze in the 1980s and lasted for decades afterward.  ‘Power Rangers’ were also a sensation when they first arrived and have endured ever since.  And there have been many lines devoted to DC and Marvel Comics characters, from Mego in the ’70s to ‘Super Powers’/’Secret Wars’ in the ’80s, to the huge series of Toy Biz Marvel toys in the ’90s to today.

As entertaining as ‘The Toys That Made Us’ is, eventually they’re going to run out of really huge iconic lines.  Can they sustain the series when they shift to shorter-lived lines?

This also comes at a strangely ironic time, as Toys R Us is officially shutting down its U.S. stores.  With the last toy-exclusive brick and mortar store going under, it will be nice to revisit childhood when places like that and Children’s Palace were the most glorious destinations for any kid.

Were you a fan of this documentary series?  Are you happy that more episodes are on the way?

Source: Bloody Disgusting