Jessica arrives just as Alisa does and they grapple. Jessica trying to calm down her mother, though they do manage to knock the unconscious Trish out of her bed after Alisa tries to strangle her. Just as Jessica finally gets through to her mom and pulls her out of the rage (and Alisa is overjoyed that Jessica has the power to calm her down), Detective Costas and his partner, Ruth Sunday, arrive, guns aimed at Alisa. Alisa grabs Sunday and heads for the window. Jessica tries to talk her down and Costas hesitates, thinking Jessica can control her mom. Unfortunately, she cannot, and Alisa leaps from the window, dropping and killing Sunday, and escapes. Pissed off, Costas tells Jessica to stay out of the way from now on, as his partner is dead because he trusted her. Dorothy is furious that Jessica did not tell her about her mother, and even more infuriated that they moved Trish to the morgue to hide her from Alisa.

Trish briefly wakes up and expresses anger at Jessica for stopping the procedure, as Jessica receives a call from Alisa asking for a meet-up. Trish tells her to use her apartment and tells Jessica to use the gun in Simpson’s bag (hidden in Trish’s closet) to kill Alisa, claiming it is the only way, before falling unconscious again. Jessica realizes killing her mom might just be her only option. Alisa arrives at Trish’s apartment and finds Jessica waiting for her with a gun, but when the time comes to pull the trigger, Jessica finds she just cannot do it. She can’t kill her mom. Taking advantage of this, Alisa knocks out Jessica and kidnaps her, fleeing the city in a stolen RV.

Meanwhile, Hogarth tracks her stole possessions to a pawn shop, bribing the owner with her expensive watch to get info on Shane and Inez, and learning where the pair live. She concocts a revenge plot and meets Inez outside the apartment claiming Shane was two-timing her with dozens of other women while in prison, sending them letters and asking for money, scamming everyone, including Inez. Enraged, Inez prepares to head inside, and Hogarth, feigning concern for her safety, gives her a gun she recently procured. Hogarth waits outside, watching through the window as Inez confronts Shane, a fight that ends with Inez shooting the man, just as Hogarth had predicted she would. Hogarth then calls the cops and reports a shooting then drives away, assured her vengeance is complete.

The show seemed to really hit its stride in these episodes, with a lot of the long-running plot-lines coming to a head at last, though it is still unclear how they are going to end up dealing with Alisa Jones. Malcolm leaving Alias Investigations was inevitable with the way Jessica treated him, but still, it was nice to see them working together, the brother-sister relationship shining through. Trish almost takes the lead as the villain of these episodes, with some really appalling decisions and selfishness, and it is hard to remember at times why Jessica still loves and protects her. As for Hogarth, she got her revenge and seemed to re-establish herself as a strong dominant woman, which is good. It was nice to see her a bit more vulnerable this season. Her final actions with Shane and Inez are kind of dark, but to her, justified as they robbed her not only of her stuff (which she even says is all replaceable) but also of hope, which is not as easy for her to find at the moment. Looking forward to seeing how this all wraps up in the finale, see you back here soon for the final review of ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2!