Even though she knows it was self-defense, Jessica knows things do not look good as she had broken into Holiday’s house. Wracked with guilt, she decides the best thing to do is make his death look like a suicide, so she cleans up the crime scene and throws him off the roof of the building, leaving a suicide note on his computer. Following this, she begins hallucinating Kilgrave taunting her for being a 3-time murderer, finally bringing David Tenant back into the season, which is very welcome in the dark hour, especially after seeing our hero make such morally dubious choices and not take responsibility for what happened to Holiday.

When Trish and Malcolm arrive at Malus’s hotel, Trish knocks out Malcolm and locks him in the trunk, and heads out to deal with Malus on her own, armed with her gun. Jessica meanwhile returns home to clean up, calling her mom and informing her of what happened. Alisa says she is proud of Jessica, though she did warn her against going. Jessica then finds that Oscar has dropped off the forged papers, so she heads out to give them to Malus, finding him missing from his hotel room.

At the prison, word gets around about Holiday’s suicide, and Alisa gets a new guard, who treats her well, empathizing with her as she is also a mother. Despite Kilgrave’s taunts, Jessica manages to track down Malcolm using his web dating app to triangulate his phone’s position. She finds the group just as Malcolm escapes the trunk and confronts Trish, who we learn now wants Malus to perform the experiment on her that he did to Jessica and Alisa, confirming that she has always wanted powers like her sister. Trish escapes and Malcolm and Jessica argue (with Jessica now seeing multiple taunting Kilgraves), but temporarily set aside their feud to find Malus and Trish, who have gone to the old IGH facility for the procedure.

He starts the operation, sedating Trish just as Jessica arrives, demanding Malus stop what he is doing. When he does not listen, Jessica stops the procedure mid-way as Trish starts spouting blood from her mouth. Enraged, and egged on by Kilgrave, Jessica come close to killing Malus for endangering Trish but stops herself at the last minute. However, Malus now sees the evil he has brought into the world and decides to end his life, taking Trish’s gun and aiming it at a supply of oxygen tanks in the facility. He tells Jessica to take Trish and flee, and just as Jessica escapes the IGH building blows up, ending Malus’s life.

Jessica doesn’t have time to do anything but get Trish to the hospital, as she is not doing well. While there, she confronts the Kilgrave hallucination and says it has no power over her as it could not convince her to kill Malus, and the illusion disappears but claims it will always be there if Jessica needs it. She also argues with Malcolm, blaming him for not trusting her and for helping put Trish in the hospital.He quits after she fires him again thus ending their working relationship. The episode concludes with Alisa learning of Malus’s death from a TV she can see from her cell, sending her at long last into the rage she has been holding back from since she first joined up with Jessica, especially as she learns Trish was involved and assumes Trish killed Malus. She breaks free from the prison, killing her kindly new guard, and sets off to find Trish.

Alisa hunts for Trish, still in her rage, heading first to the radio station where ‘Trish Talk’ was made and injuring a producer there while looking for her. Jessica and Trish’s mom (Dorothy) stand watch over Trish, with the latter lamenting they are the only family they have left, unaware of Jessica’s mother’s involvement. Jessica tells the police her mother might be after Trish, knowing that Alisa did not like Trish and blamed her for starting the investigation into IGH and causing Alisa to have to kill all those people to protect Malus in the first place. While heading into the hospital, Dorothy is confronted by reporters asking why Trish is in the hospital, and decides the best course of action for Trish’s career is to spin the story for her benefit and reveals Trish is indeed in the hospital, claiming a bad surgical procedure from a hack doctor put her there. Alisa sees the story and heads to the hospital, just as Jessica learns what Dorothy did and realizes her mother is most likely on her way to Trish in the hospital. (Continued on next page)