And now we’re on the home stretch, as these are the last 3 episodes of ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 before we get to the big FINALE. These episodes are titled “AKA Pork Chop,” “AKA Three Lives and Counting,” and “AKA Pray for My Patsy.” Lots going on in these three, as we see all of the characters pushed to their physical, emotional and moral limits. The show really demonstrates why it works so well with audiences as all of these characters are more or less relatable, even amidst the super-powered mayhem. Oh, and the return of a beloved Season 1 character in the second episode is a welcome reprieve from all of the darkness and moodiness, even if his presence is a clear sign of bad things happening. But we’ll get into that soon enough.

At the police station where Alisa is being held, Jessica meets with her mother, Hogarth in tow, and they arrange a deal with the cops where Alisa can avoid the Raft prison for superhumans (where she will never be able to see Jessica). Alisa only agrees once Jessica agrees to find Malus and keep him safe. After her disastrous interview with ZCN, Trish hears about the powered woman being caught, and heads to Jessica’s place where she meets with Jessica and Malcolm. Jessica comes clean about everything that has been going on, asking them to stay away so she can handle it, which they both reluctantly agree to because it is Jessica’s mom, though Malcolm is unhappy to be left in the dark, and outs Trish’s addiction to Jessica. Trish assures Jessica that the inhaler is empty and she is going through withdrawals, and is over her addiction, though Jessica is not so sure. However, she doesn’t have time to deal with it as she tracks down Malus at a hooker hotel her family used to frequent (as her parents were cheap) and convinces him the best course of action is to flee the country so Alisa can give a full confession about his activities without him being arrested. He agrees, but Jessica needs to get him forged papers so he can go. He also mentions that he never had a patient named Shane, so Jessica realizes Hogarth is being scammed.

Jessica returns to Oscar for help, which he does because he remembers how Jessica’s mom helped saved Vedo, and he still likes Jessica. She next warns Hogarth about Shane and Inez, saying the man did not actually cure her ALS, but Hogarth refuses to believe her, claiming she felt something during the healing session. Sadly for her, when she arrives home she realizes her place has been cleaned out by the con-artists, and Jessica was right, causing her to break down in the middle of her ransacked apartment, aware that she is still going to die from ALS.

After learning that a local lab not only could not duplicate the ingredients to the inhaler, but also that the compounds were toxic and could cause serious consequences to users, Trish decides she is not actually done with the IGH investigation. She meets with Malcolm and they decide that Jessica is not seeing things straight because of her mother’s involvement in the case and vow to track down Malus themselves, knowing that Jessica would eventually understand. Malcolm uses his new skills to investigate Jessica’s computer and find Malus’s location.

During the course of her visits with Alisa while waiting for Oscar to finished the forged papers for Malus, Jessica realizes that Alisa’s guard is abusing and torturing her, so against her mother’s wishes, she investigates the man, Dale Holiday, and breaks into his home. While there, she discovers he has murdered several inmates in the past, keeping their number tags as trophies, but before she can bring the evidence to light, Holiday returns home and attacks her, claiming he can kill her out of self-defense because she is in his home. He takes out her eyes with mace and beats her, and to defend herself Jessica hits him as hard as she can, which sadly ends his life. (Continued on next page)