After last week’s massively informative and crazy episode, it’s hard to think how True Blood could top everything off this week. From the previews of this week’s episode that aired after last week’s episode, I think we are about to see more of Antonia (maybe a team up with Tara?), and it looks like more of Alcide as well.

If you missed it last week, Antonia is now possessing Marnie’s body. This seems to be a crucial element to this week’s episode, since this is where it begins. Katie (the narc from the witches) is guarding the jail cell where Antonia is being kept. She hears noises, and goes into the cell where it appears that Sheriff Louis is attacking Marnie. Katie tells him to back down, then he attacks her, commanding her to get the guards out of the way. He then kills her, and helps Antonia escape. Antonia tells him to give Bill the message that she has returned. Louis goes to Bill, who delivers the message and then shoots Bill. They fight, but before Bill could stake him, Louis says to Bill, “Resurrection”.

While this is going on, Pam is attacking Tara and Naomi, but is only stopped because people start taking pictures and video. Tara and Naomi are sitting together in the car post attack, and Tara tells Naomi to leave. Naomi wants to stay, and argues with Tara, but Tara tells her about how everyone who has ever been with her is dead, and she doesn’t want to do that to her either. After Naomi leaves, Tara breaks down crying in Merlott’s parking lot. She is seen later walking down a dark street drinking when Antonia approaches her. Antonia shows Tara her previous life, and enlists her into helping her take down the vampires and show them the true death by walking in the sun. Tara is later seen talking to Hollie in Merlott’s and gathering witches together to form a more powerful circle.

Tara’s cousin LaFayette is still in Mexico with Jesus, who is fighting with Don Bartolo, Jesus’ grandfather. Don Bartolo says that LaFayette “has the magic” but Jesus is still upset over his life being risked to prove a point. Later, they are sitting in a diner when Jesus tells LaFayette about Tio Luca, who was a healer. “For every life he saved, it took a little bit of his own.” LaFayette, being told he is a medium, says he feels like a puppet. Jesus explains that being a medium is a serious calling. Back in Bon Temps, LaFayette is back to work at Merlott’s when the woman that Mikey sees appears. Mikey, who is strapped onto Arlene’s back as she works, starts smiling as she sings to him in French. LaFayette panics, which scares Arlene.

Alcide and Debbie have been accepted into the Shreveport pack, and are celebrating in the full moon. Alcide hangs back, and doesn’t partake in the celebrations. Debbie, concerned, goes to talk to him, and reassures him that Sookie will be fine in the full moon. Alcide starts to argue, which makes Debbie angry. Alcide concedes that he should be celebrating and starts to walk towards the party. Debbie, feeling guilty for her outburst, says they can take 10 minutes to find Sookie. They find her making love to Eric in the woods. Later, during their own passionate session, Debbie struggles to perform, worried that Alcide loves Sookie. Alcide reassures her that she is the one he goes to bed thinking about at night, and that she is the woman of his dreams. When Debbie asks if he will love her forever, he hesistates, but says “Forever.”

Tommy wakes up in the hospital with Sam by his side, and the doctor saying he should be kept overnight. Tommy refuses, saying the fact he has no insurance would be too costly. Later on, Sam calls Luna. Still not knowing about Tommy becoming a Skinwalker in the last episode, Luna tells him to leave her alone (in not so kind of words.) Sam shows up at her school, wondering what is going on, since he still has no idea about Tommy. Luna asks him if he remembers the past 24 hours. It slowly dawns on the both of them that Tommy has become a Skinwalker. Sam goes back to his trailer where Tommy is passed out on the couch. Tommy wakes up to see Sam staring at him, and Sam attacks Tommy. He tells Tommy he wants him out of his life forever. Tommy tries to explain how sorry he is, but Sam doesn’t want to hear it.

Jason is working out and having fantasies about Jessica while doing so, when Hoyt comes by. Hoyt tells Jason that he’s losing Jessica and that it will kill him if he loses her. Jessica is at Bill’s who is telling her about Antonia. Louis promised Resurrection, making all vampires meet the sun. He calls a meeting with the remaining Sheriffs telling all the vampires in the state to leave town. If they refused to leave town he wants them to line themselves in silver when they go to ground.

After Eric and Sookie make love repeatedly, Eric asks Sookie if she wants him to have his memories. Sookie says that she does, so that he will remember who he was. Eric confesses his fear of turning back into the person that used to hurt her, and she says she has the same fear.  Bill comes over and tells Eric and Sookie about the Marnie/Antonia situation, and that Eric must be silvered when he goes to ground.

Meeting in Marnie’s shop, Antonia appears before the witches that Tara has gathered. She tells them how they are raging war against the vampires. She explains they are no longer hidden, that they must fight back. She says that “Vampires are not immortal, they are just harder to kill.” They begin chanting and the vampires begin to rise. Eric begs, then threatens Sookie to let him go. Jessica manages to break free of her chains and of the jail cell, and opens the door to meet the sun.

First off, how great is Fiona Shaw’s acting this season? More than impressed by her character(s) and presence. From the looks of next week we are going to have another information packed episode, can you believe there are only 5 episodes left? We are left with the questions of did Jessica meet the sun? How will Hoyt react to it? Will this be the end of the vampires? Until next week, we are left gripping the edge of our seats…

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