Alice Eve Iron Fist

Like it or not, Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist‘ is coming back for a second season.  The first was a rare miss for the Marvel Comics-based shows, as all of the previous installments, ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage’ proved extremely popular with fans and received praise from critics.  Yet something went wrong with ‘Iron Fist’.  It came across as dull and unoriginal.  Some even criticized lead actor Finn Jones for being uncompelling and flat.

But even so, it appears that enough people streamed it that Netflix felt it deserved a second shot.  And there is hope that things could pick up.  In ‘The Defenders’, Jones’ Danny Rand proved both a lighter foil for his more stern cohorts and after the apparent death of Daredevil, decided to take crimefighting more seriously.  And behind the scenes, showrunner Scott Buck has been replaced by M. Raven Metzner (‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Falling Skies’).  Hopefully, a fresh approach will add the zest that Season One lacked.

Another change is the addition of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness” Alice Eve to the cast.  It’s unknown who she is playing, but thanks to the Finn Jones Central Twitter, we have our first look of her in action, from the set of Season Two.  Of course, also pictured is Jones as Danny.  From the look of things, we can at least surmise that Eve’s character is an ally.

At the time of Eve’s casting, Marvel’s head of television and series executive producer Jeph Loeb announced:

“We are very excited to have an actress of Alice’s stature join the cast of Marvel’s Iron Fist.  Her exceptional talent brings an intrigue and danger to her character unlike anyone else.”

Though we don’t know much about ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two, it is expected that Danny will continue to develop a friendship/partnership with Luke Cage to emulate their relationship in the comics.

There is no release date for ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two.