Battlestar Galactica

A ‘Battlestar Galactica’ movie reboot has been in the works for quite some time now.  Bryan Singer made an attempt to bring the franchise to the big screen after the long-running Syfy TV series ended, but walked away from the project in 2014.  Francis Lawrence is currently attached but it’s been a slow process.  For starters, he has been busy directing his newest picture ‘Red Sparrow’ starring Jennifer Lawrence, which is in theaters now.  Will he have time to get to work on ‘BSG’?  While promoting ‘Red Sparrow’, he gave a bit of an update and also fielded a rather unexpected question from Digital Spy.

Francis Lawrence
Kathy Hutchins /

“Yeah we’re still working on that.  I’ve been developing that for a while. I’ve been working with Lisa Joy who’s been fantastic, she’s one of the creators of ‘Westworld’ and she’s been doing a fantastic job… It’s taken a while because she’s done two seasons of ‘Westworld’ while writing this and I’ve been making ‘Red Sparrow’ while working on this so it’s been a while.”

So while Lawrence has been busy with ‘Red Sparrow’, his partner in this endeavor Lisa Joy has been hard at work on one of the most ambitious series on TV, HBO’s ‘Westworld’ which is about to return for its second season.

Lawrence also clarified that this take will be a complete reinvention.   “Yes it’s a reimagining, it’s not a continuation of the series, it’s a standalone piece.”

The breakout character of the Syfy TV series was Kara Thrace a.k.a. Starbuck, portrayed by Katee Sackhoff.  Sackhoff’s Starbuck is a gender-swap of the character from the original 1978 ‘BSG’ who was played by Dirk Benedict.  Is it possible that Starbuck or other characters could be gender-swapped in Lawrence’s film?

“Yes absolutely 100 per cent!  I’m not going to give any details but 100% there’s room for that.”

At this point, most people are probably most familiar with Starbuck being female, so it would be a wise idea to continue that.  Are there any other characters that you would like to see gender-swapped in the new movie?