Jessica Jones

And we are back with Season 2 of ‘Jessica Jones’! The sophomore season of the acclaimed series has been highly anticipated, and it will be interesting to see if it manages to hit the expectation of the fans and the critics, especially after the stellar first season the series had (bolstered by David Tennant‘s excellent villain, Kilgrave). I’ll be recapping these 3 at a time, starting with episodes 1 -3, titled “AKA Start at the Beginning,” “AKA Freak Accident,” and “AKA Sole Survivor,” which, kind of sadly, might be the slowest of the season as they are doing all the heavy lifting of setting things up and showing up where the characters are after the events of both Season 1 and ‘The Defenders’ (which, come to think of it, really is not mentioned much, aside from a few references to other “powered” people Jessica knows).

Starting off with Jessica’s storyline, we learn that Jessica is more or less infamous in the city after what happened with Kilgrave, a notoriety she is not exactly happy with. We also learn she has a new building manager, who also has a kid obsessed with superheroes (especially ‘Captain America’), something else Jessica is not thrilled about. And to make things even worse, Trish has been on her case about investigating IGH and the origins of her powers, and Jessica just does not want to have to deal with her past.

So she continues her PI life with Malcom still working for her, cleaning up and repairing the apartment as she takes on cases, with one man named Robert Coleman coming in, claiming to have the codename of ‘The Whizzer’ and also claiming to have superspeed given to him by IGH, which Jessica does not believe as the guy seems crazy. Jessica then gets into an altercation with another PI named Pryce Cheng, who was hired by Jeri Hogarth to try to absorb Alias Investigations into his own business so Jessica could indirectly work for Jeri, but Jessica shoots him down and starts another grudge, which is exacerbated when Cheng runs his mouth and Jessica beats him down, badly, and he files charges.

Later, the Whizzer proves his speed to her when he believes he is being chased and when she heads out to help him, he is crushed in a weird construction accident that Jessica is powerless to stop, but which her new building super and his son witnessed. The cops are suspicious of Jessica being involved with. When she brings the cops to the super’s door for his statement, the man, Oscar, pretends to not have seen anything which pisses off Jessica and starts the grudge between her and Oscar. Using the Whizzer’s drugs as a starting point, she manages to track down IGH to an abandoned building where she has flashes of memory and realizes this was the place where she was experimented on as a child.

Meanwhile, Trish is dating a renown and respected reporter named Griffin, whose career she seems to envy, especially as ‘Trish Talk” has been slumping in the ratings lately. She also thinks she keeps seeing her ex-boyfriend Will Simpson following her, which is not a good sign.

On the lawyer side of things, Hogarth learns that she has ALS, and when her partners figure it out they enact a medical clause in the company contract to force her out, which she is not happy about and is determined to fight, no matter her sickness. She is approached by ‘Daredevil’ character Foggy Nelson who offers to help her fight her partners, but she snaps at him and tells him to keep his head down as this fight is her own.