the walking dead

I hope you love ‘The Walking Dead’ as it sounds like Scott M. Gimple’s new job as the chief content officer is to help launch another spinoff of the show. With ratings going down on the main series and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ isn’t making the same mark, you have to consider that the show is still the top viewed series on network television with ‘Fear’ being AMC’s second most watched show at the moment.

While even the cast is saying that an endgame has to be in mind and that “closure” is coming, it doesn’t sound like the network has any plans on delivering a headshot to the franchise anytime in the near future.

According to Gimple, it sounds like a new spinoff is actively in pre-development outside of the two flagship shows:

“We’re going to be doing traditional stuff, non-traditional stuff, stuff people don’t expect. But yes, definitely scripted. The odds of unscripted are very remote. But I’m not going to say no. We’re going to have cool new Walking Dead stuff.”

An unscripted series sounds like it would be a disaster waiting to happen but with ‘The Walking Dead’ already seeming desperate enough to include a nude walker you never know what might be on the horizon.

With both ‘TWD’ and ‘FTWD’ on a collision course with Lennie James‘ Morgan switching shows and potentially setting up a long-term crossover, it sounds like they’re ready to give us another fresh look at the zombie apocalypse.

Would you be interested in another series set in the world of ‘The Walking Dead’? If a new series does see the light of day, what location and time period would you like to see it take place in? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter