When the first season of ‘Westworld’ closed, we were given a look at another theme park and now have learned both the full name and a hint of what is to come! For starters, the show never gave us a name of that land, but the area was labeled SW which was thought to mean that this was Samurai World. In fact, that world is actually called Shogunworld!

While we’ve been given a hint at Shogunworld, it isn’t clear if there will be any significant sequences in the park or the other five Delos Incorporated parks in the upcoming season. Most fans would probably be happy just to see what they’re each about as it still isn’t clear what themes can be found within them. However, we’ll likely be seeing a bit more of Shogunworld as the image above was teased by HBO’s social media with the label of “Park 2” so I expect it will somehow play into the upcoming plot. How extensive of a view or how crucial it is to the plot is another story entirely.

We know that in the original film from 1973 that there were two other parks outside of ‘Westworld.’ At the time, Shogunworld wasn’t one of the options and the worlds were Romanworld and Medievalworld. Neither park has been mentioned though HBO fans are dying for the medieval one to exist and draw its cues from ‘Game of Thrones.’ George R.R. Martin even supported this idea though it might be a little too much of a stretch for even HBO to pull off.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘Westworld’? How important do you think Shogunworld will be in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts below!

‘Westworld’ returns for a second season on April 22nd, 2018!

Source: Entertainment Weekly