With only ‘Daredevil‘ in the can, Netflix is already becoming many people’s favorite place to consume Marvel superhero series. A new rumor suggests that Netflix may get a shot at Marvel movie making as well.

The word is that Iron Fist is no longer being made into a Netflix show but will instead be a feature film produced by Netflix. This rumor is paired with talk that the Punisher will take Iron Fist’s place as both the lead of a new series and the spot of the upcoming hero team appearing on Netflix called The Defenders. This information comes from Peel the Orange, a site that has a source in Marvel creative that has leaked stuff in the past that turned out to be true.

Let’s unpack this a bit. There is already a lot of anticipation for the Punisher‘s appearance on Season 2 of ‘Daredevil.’ Daredevil is trying to clean up the city without crossing moral lines that force him to take lives and the Punisher has no such lines, which will lead into a major source of conflict for the show. It will be hard to get the two characters to a point in which they could cooperate on the same team together as they eventually would have to if this rumor is true. I suppose a lot can happen in a season. The other future Defenders are Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, both of which will be introduced in just a few weeks on the series ‘Jessica Jones.’ Luke Cage is still slated to headline his own series in April 2016. All these characters are street-level and pretty normal. By normal, I mean that they are not magic. Daredevil has a sensory power, Jessica Jones stronger than average and the Punisher has guns. Luke Cage is the most powerful of the group in the comics, with unbreakable skin and a strength level to make him Avengers material, but it sounds like they are dialing back his abilities for the show. This leaves Iron Fist as the odd man out. Iron Fist isn’t Doctor Strange magical, but he’s still kinda magical. Karate magic, if you will. If Marvel wanted to distance one of the characters from the rest, it would be Iron Fist. The movie would accomplish that.

I would still like to see Iron Fist interact with the others in the Defenders or even their individual series. How would you like to see Iron Fist handled?