doug jones hocus pocus

While it looks like the current ‘Hocus Pocus’ project was set to be a remake, Doug Jones (‘The Shape of Water’) shared that an actual sequel was discussed. It might be hard to imagine Jones looking at any other projects with how busy he currently is on ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘, the upcoming ‘What We Do In The Shadows‘ pilot, and whatever movie Guillermo del Toro dreams up next. Even so, he clearly sounds like he has some interest in it. This is a far different response than what we heard from Better Midler who feels that a remake is “cheap” and she wouldn’t be attached to it. However, a remake and a sequel would be two vastly different projects so we’ll have to see how that pans out.

When Jones was asked about reprising his role in the new movie:

“There was talk about doing a ’20 years later’ sequel that I would have been involved with. I was actually approached and asked about that. I would love to reprise Billy Butcherson. It’s not off the table. The news article that I read about this TV movie sounds like… I’m not sure if it’s a reboot or if it is that ’20 years later’ sequel. It was grey about what the storyline was. So I’m just going to keep my knees bent and be ready in case they call.”

The production team has been pretty quiet as to what direction they are taking the movie at this point. It is very unclear if we’d be seeing a reboot or a continuation though it sounds like Midler might be a hard sell which could push them into a reboot if she wouldn’t come back for a sequel.

As to the original film’s popularity over the years, Jones says:

“It only grows in popularity every year. I did not see that coming, that 24 years later it would be more popular now than it’s ever been! That’s crazy for a movie to do!”

I don’t think many of us saw that coming either.

Are you thrilled that Doug Jones would be happy to reprise his role in a ‘Hocus Pocus’ sequel? Do you think they’ll try to go that route or just reboot the film to make a series? Share your thoughts below!