Constantine legends of tomorrow

For everyone who felt just a little bit disappointed that we only got Matt Ryan back in live-action form as Constantine for one episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ there is still hope (aside from the animated series ‘Constantine’ over on the CW Seed). If you look closely at an Instagram post by cast-member Nick Zano with the caption “Going into the last episode like…” where we see Zano bruised and bloody, but still holding up his fists, ready to fight, immediately behind him we can clearly see the back of someone in a trench coat and very blonde hair. I cannot imagine that is anyone else BUT Constantine.

Going into the last episode of the season like… 📸 cred: @caitylotz

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Matt Ryan himself even hinted to that we could be seeing more of him this season, and this post suggests he will be back to help the Legends in the season finale. Though there is some question about whether Zano’s post is actually from the finale, as Warner Bros television recently confirmed that Matt Ryan will be coming back for the 15th episode of the season, ‘Necromancing the Stone,’ which could be where this post is from. Or, if we are really lucky, Ryan’s Constantine will be back for both episode 315 and the finale, and maybe more! All of which would make sense since the villain is a demon this season and that is right up the alley of Constantine’s abilities and skillset. Either way, it is great to see Ryan back in the role, and amazing that he seems always ready and willing to portray the character.

‘Constantine’ showrunner Daniel Cerone stated that:

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an actor so completely bring to life an established comic book character as Matt Ryan did for John Constantine. Between the NBC series and his subsequent appearances on CW, it would feel strange to see or hear anyone else in that role at this point.”

What did you think of Constantine’s first appearance on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ this week? Are you excited to see him coming back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!