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We’ve known for awhile now that Woody Harrelson (‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘) was cast in ‘Venom‘ without knowing his character and now a new rumor has him pegged to play Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. Early casting had his part described as a “henchman of sorts” which seems like a bad fit if they want to keep his character as a serial killer. It could be that they were keeping his role under wraps if this rumor proves to be true.

The movie is set to follow Eddie Brock becoming Venom and dealing with the Life Foundation which brings multiple symbiotes out for him to take down. So far, we’ve learned that Carnage isn’t a significant player in this chaos and while he’s always been rumored, it sounds like they weren’t going to include him.

This new rumor has either a scene near the end of the movie or an end credit sequence which would put Brock in San Quentin prison, with Kasady “under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who introduces him to Brock but cautions him to keep his distance.” When the two meet, a portion of the Venom symbiote spawns and heads towards Kasady as the screen fades to black.

If this proves true, we know that Harrelson is slated to be in the sequel if one happens and not have a significant part in the first movie.

It should be noted that Harrelson has previously avoided sequels at all costs and Sony Pictures can’t seem to make an entree into a Spider-Man themed movie that draws crowds these days.

While it is exciting to think of a pure serial killer with a symbiote on the loose, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high at this point.

Do you think that Woody Harrelson would make a great Carnage in ‘Venom’ and beyond? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

We’ll find out one way or another for sure when ‘Venom’ drops on October 5’th, 2018!

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