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Not that this should be all that surprising, but a new rumor from a former ‘Mashable’ writer who is retiring from the writing business has revealed potential new information pertaining to the circumstances surrounding Zack Snyder’s exit from ‘Justice League‘ last year. Originally, it had been reported that Snyder and his wife stepped away from ‘Justice League’ and the DCEU to spend time with family grieving for their recently passed away daughter, which is why Joss Whed0n had to step in for the ‘Justice League’ reshoots. Now, according to the Tweet below, that may not have been the case:

So according to Dickey, Snyder was actually FIRED by Warner Bros, with the idea being that they were unhappy with how ‘Justice League’ was coming out, especially in light of how poorly both ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ (not to mention ‘Man of Steel’) did in theaters and with critics . Despite still having a loyal fanbase of supporters, this rumor makes it seem like that just was not enough to keep Snyder’s job, and Warner Bros let him go to make room for a new creative direction for the DCEU, which they had entrusted almost entirely to Snyder to put his own unique brand and style to, thus allowing him to take all the blame for the failures thus far (to be fair, not everything that went wrong was Snyder’s fault, but he was the obvious scapegoat).

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think it could be accurate, and they actually did fire Snyder before ‘Justice League’ even got released? Or do you think there might be a reason Dickey did not release this story until his retirement for writing, as there is no way to verify it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!