Game of Thrones

WARNING: Pretty MAJOR Season 8 Spoiler Ahead! If you want to go into the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ spoiler-free, DO NOT read on!

Ok, now for everyone else who is dying for ANY information from ‘Game of Thrones’ (besides continued assurances from the actors that the final script was beautiful and made them tear up), there is news coming from the folks over at Watchers On The Wall who have a picture from the new set of Winterfell at the Moneyglass estate that constitutes what most people are guessing is a pretty major spoiler for Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Check it out below:

Yep, that is the newly constructed set ON FIRE, which most likely means that Winterfell will be lost during the season. Now before you start looking at the color of the flames and making assumptions, bear in mind that in seasons past for any “magical” fire they usually did not change the color until post-production, which means by the time we see Winterfell burn on the HBO series those flames could either be the blue-blames of the Dragon-wight, or, long shot here, the green-flames of Wildfyre, if Cersei chose to attack while the Starks were busy dealing with White Walkers. Or they could remain regular old red flames, and the Starks may be burning their ancestral home for other reasons. You just never know, but this seems pretty irrefutable proof, and over at Watchers On The Wall, they actually have video footage of the set burning in the distance, which looks even better than this picture. Check it out below:

So does this mean the Starks are doomed to lose everything? Not necessarily. Winterfell has been lost before, and been rebuilt, and the Stark family has survived worse than the loss of their home, frankly if all they lose is Winterfell in Season 8 they should count their blessings.

What are your thoughts on the burning of Winterfell? Who do you think is behind it? How much does this make you wish 2019 was already here? Share your feelings in the comments below!