SPOILER ALERT: This is a full episode recap, so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode before reading this.

This episode picks up directly after the last one left off, with Black Beetle and Mongul slugging it out in War World.  Green Beetle intervenes and they lock Mongul in a stasis chamber.  Black Beetle states that their attention must shift now to guarding the Crystal Key’s chamber so that whoever stole it (Deathstroke, on Lex Luthor’s orders) cannot take control of War World, but as Green Beetle points out, the Justice League has taken the chamber for safe keeping.

Elsewhere, Toyman inside a giant tin soldier is attempting to rob Metropolis Bank, but is thwarted by the hero du jour, Blue Beetle, but the public is starting to turn against Beetle and The Reach.  From afar, Scientist observes that it’s good that the public still admires Blue Beetle after their invasion fleet was unveiled, but Ambassador tells her that she worries too much.  We observe that Jaime is still conscious within the Beetle armor, but is not in control.  The scarab and the Ambassador control his actions and words.  He is unaware that Batgirl and Impusle are watching from nearby.

Miss Martian travels to Poseidonis to collect Lagoon Boy so they can have “a talk.”  (That’s never good.)

Meanwhile, Jaime is flying home to Taos, arguing with the scarab and the Ambassador, but in El Paso, Batgirl clamps onto his leg with a tether, allowing Impulse to run up it.  Impulse attempts to vibrate the scarab off of Jaime, but gets thrown off.  Batgirl attempts to gas him, but it doesn’t work.  Beetle disarms them both and the Ambassador orders the scarab to kill them.  Jaime pleads with them, but is powerless to stop them…

Suddenly, Blue Beetle is entrapped in a force bubble that only gets stronger as his fights against it.  It turns out that the force field was created by Rocket and is reinforced by Zatanna.

On the Bio-Ship, M’Gaan breaks up with Lagoon Boy, who she calls her rebound guy.

Batgirl, Zatanna, Rocket and Impulse take Blue Beetle to Bialya, where they are attacked by the Queen Bee’s minions, Devastation, Mammoth and Shimmer, but they deal with them easily.  They then enter an ancient chamber marked with scarab imagery, where Zatanna begins a mystic ceremony, before Green Beetle storms in, determined to kill them.

Rocket is busy containing Blue Beetle, while Zatanna is in a trance, so it’s up to Impulse and Batgirl to handle Green Beetle.  They subdue him with fire (Martians’ greatest weakness), but he phases through the ground and takes them down.  Suddenly a lizard plops down on his head… then grows into an elephant!  It’s Beast Boy.  Then Bumblebee appears and zaps Green Beetle.  Then, Wonder Girl and Robin leap into the fray!  As the tide turns, Scientist tells Ambassador to summon Black Beetle, but Ambassador counters that Black Beetle is guarding the Key Chamber.

Zatanna carries out her mystical ceremony, but Green Beetle fires two energy bolts at her.  Impulse grabs him and hurls him into the energy beams’ path as Zatanna’s mystic energy bathes the chamber, knocking both Beetles off line from The Reach.

The young heroes then recount the history of the Blue Beetles, from Dan Garrett the first hero by that name, who found the scarab in ancient Bialya, after it had been cleansed of The Reach’s influence via a mystic ceremony.  Garrett then passed the scarab to his protegee Ted Kord, who realized it was alien technology and locked it away, until The Light came seeking it.  Kord died protecting it, which is where Jaime came into the picture.

Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy return to the Team’s temporary base in Bludhaven, but Miss Martian is slightly upset to discover Conner (Superboy) is on a date with Wendy Harris, a girl they went to high school with.  (Also another Super Friends homage.)

Back in Bialya, The Queen Bee reveals that her goons were instructed to throw the fight against The Team and that now The Light’s real plans can proceed.

Real plans?  What real plans?  What are The Light’s true goals?  What do you think?  Comment below!