Fans of Brian Michael Bendis know that there are a few things he is known for and one significant piece is using an Easter Egg that takes place in a prison for many of his books. In fact, he has spread it across most of the books he has written in for the past 18 years at Marvel. With his leaving of the number one comic company in the world for the second, it only fits that he uses the gag one last time, or twice as the case may be!

The Defenders‘ #9 shows two instances of an Easter Egg where he has someone screaming something crazy in a police station. So, to say goodbye, we see Bendis himself in this position and sharing his Easter Egg with anyone who has loved them throughout the years.

In the first scene we see artist David Marquez and colorist Justin Ponsor as police officers who are escorting quite the crazy looking Brian Michael Bendis referencing what he’s loved to do all these years:

Entirely true that “A 17-year running gag is not easy to pull off!” and yet he was able to do just that. It all started back on his run in ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and have seen references to “The Thanos Imperative,” “Secret Invasion,” “House of M,” “Secret Wars,” “Civil War,” and more!

This is all great fun, but Bendis uses the teaser one last time in the issue having a young woman shouting about The Elders of the Cosmos” and “There’s no such thing as a dead universe.”

It is hard to tell if this is in reference to the Ultimate Universe which has already been hinted to be back, likely thanks to Reed Richards’ current mysterious adventures, or perhaps the Earth being stolen in the current “Avengers” line.

Either way, Bendis has decided to go out in style using one of his oldest and favorite ways to do so.

Are you sad to see Brian Michael Bendis having left Marvel? What do you think the woman in that final panel is going on about? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: CBR.