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Last week’s ‘Arrow‘ debuted John Diggle’s new Spartan costume but fans of The CW’s DC shows might have been disappointed. If only from it not being the best new look at it! Thankfully, David Ramsey has been able to share a behind-the-scenes photo from the set to give us a more substantial look at it.

Donning a black leather jacket and red accented helmet gives us a Spartan that looks a little more thought out. Also, it’ll probably make it easier to see what Diggle is actually doing in some of the fight scenes compared to how difficult the old one showed up in the dark.

Too many shows out there are trying to do these sequences in the dark and if you don’t have TV settings correctly set or one that doesn’t show layers of black that well it can make the fights hard to watch.

Let’s take a look!

New year. New suit. Goes good with Green. #arrowseason6

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If you ask me, the duo is starting to look like they’re getting ready for next Christmas. I mean, green and red really is a festive combination of colors. No news yet what Cisco Ramon changed outside of the color scheme but there are apparently some upgrades in the suit as well.

As the team that is backing up Arrow is currently divided, it seems likely that Diggle will be in on the action for the foreseeable future until everyone eventually gets back together.

Good thing Diggle got that microchip implanted that allows him to work around the nerve damage in his arm and assume the mantle of Spartan once more!

What do you think of Diggle’s new costume on Arrow? Did your mind immediately go to Christmas with this color pairing as well? Share your thoughts below!

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Source: Comic Book.