Detective Pikachu

The Pokemon craze isn’t ending anytime soon as ‘Detective Pikachu‘ is steadily moving forward and has just added both Bill Nighy (‘Shaun of the Dead’) and Chris Geere (‘You’re the Worst’) to the cast! They’ll be joining Justice Smith (‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom’), Kathryn Newton (‘Big Little Lies’), Ken Watanabe (‘The Last Samurai’) and Wade Wilson – I mean Ryan Reynolds (‘Deadpool’).

We don’t know all of the details of the story that Rob Letterman (‘Goosebumps’) is directing quite yet, but do have some key details. The film will follow Smith’s character whose father is kidnapped. He teams up with everyone’s favorite Pikachu detective and a young journalist (played by Newton) in order to find him. For reference, Reynolds is set to play Pikachu in this take. He’s no stranger to voice acting as he has done voice work in ‘The Croods’ and multiple episodes of ‘Family Guy.’

The script for the film was written by Letterman and Nicole Perlman which was later polished by Eric Pearson and Tom McCarthy. Legendary Pictures has Mary Parent and Cale Boyter producing while Joe Caracciolo Jr. and Pokemon’s Tsunekazu Ishihara are Executive producing. Legendary’s Alexandra Mendes is also slated to co-produce.

Of course, we’ve also been starting to get a look at some of the settings for the film. While there is no clue as to what a practical effect or CGI Pikachu is going to look like yet, we do have a few shots of the scenery and props to share with you.






My only hope is that Reynolds also has to walk around set either like this or in an entirely created practical effects outfit. While outtakes from either one of these would be great, I can’t even imagine the hilarity which would ensue from any behind-the-scenes featurettes where Reynolds had to be in a nearly entirely created costume. No word as of yet if the Pokemon will be fully human-sized or a bit smaller as typically is represented in the franchise.

Are you looking forward to ‘Detective Pikachu’? Do you think Nighy and Geere will make excellent additions to the cast? Share your thoughts below!

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