Sonequa Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery

From continuity errors to a more action-driven narrative there have been many thoughts that ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ wasn’t properly throwing us into the mindset of characters that would be leading up to The Original Series of “Star Trek.” It looks like the second season of the show will be changing things up on that aspect according to Sonequa Martin-Green. Her character Michael Burnham had gone through the ringer in our first voyage with her and when Anson Mount’s Captain Pike appears we’ll be getting more of that. As the original captain of The Enterprise before Kirk, Pike will be temporarily taking command with Jason Isaacs’s Captain Lorca having been from the Mirror universe.

What does the Captain of the Enterprise now commanding the Discovery mean for its crew? According to Martin-Green:

“Well, I think that Burnham is ready to have a more Starfleet-like experience with a captain. We all have a little PTSD from Lorca and what he did, and all his illicit behavior, so it’s good to return to normalcy. It’s good to return to principle, and it’s good to return to what Starfleet really is, where your captain is someone you really do look to, that leads you and guides you. And he has such a kindness, such a genuine … such a genuine quality to him. And as [Mount] said in the panel, he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong, and he understands the true strength of a mastermind. And so it’s moving us, and healing us at the same time.”

Just from the change of leadership alone, it sounds as if the tone for the series will be giving us a closer feel to the iconic series that started it all.

Are you looking forward to the new take of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Do you feel that just be changing captains to Pike will allow for that to happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will warp back onto CBS All Access for a second season on January 17th, 2019!

Source: IGN