There is nothing more exciting on television when two interconnected shows do a cross-over event, especially if they both have a dedicated fan base and cast members excited to appear on other shows. Hence why it has been such an exciting time to watch the DC/CW shows ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ and now ‘Supergirl,’ as they are all part of the same universe (though ‘Supergirl’ at the moment is just part of the same multi-verse) and we know everyone involved in these shows is working hard to tie them all together and create interesting cross-over experiences. And while we have seen ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ cross-over a handful of times, and one major story cross-over that helped launch ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and one cross-over between dimensions where Barry Allen appeared on ‘Supergirl,’ we have yet to see one cross-over event featuring all of of these shows. Until now. Now we are about to get an epic, 4 night cross-over event going into everyone of these shows, and unlike other cross-overs where each story is kind of self-contained to the series whose episode it is, it sounds like this cross-over will be one, massive story, almost like a miniseries or a very long movie, which sounds to me like it could be very exciting.

According to executive producer Greg Berlanti while speaking recently to Indiewire:

“You really are trying to run a single production across three different productions. But they’re run as three separate entities. We have to figure out when we’re borrowing one actor from where. We’re telling one cohesive story; Supergirl will participate, but the storyline doesn’t actively begin there. There are some characters who show up in her episode, but the story begins with The Flash episode and goes to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. We’re just getting into designing the bad guy for it, and we start now but it doesn’t air until the end of November. We will put a lot of time between now and then figuring out visual effects sequences. Just today I was holding the three scripts back-to-back – that’s 180 pages of material. It’s a three-hour story, almost a miniseries.”

Are you excited about the possibilities of this massive cross-over event? Do you think it will be weird having one big story, especially if an audience member does not watch the other shows? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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