solice titans

It appears that ‘Titans’ is adding one of the comic book’s more recent creations, Solstice.  Here is the latest casting description:

[MONICA SAINI]Female, early 20s-early 30s, East Indian.  Has the mentality of a survivor
and the scars along with it. Unsettled and a little unusual. Orphan. Limited dialogue in her
first appearance. Must be familiar with Hindi. POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR.

As usual, the character description uses a fake name.  Solstice a.k.a. Kiran Singh was created by JT Krul and Nicola Scott in 2010.  Originally she possessed light powers which reflected her upbeat personality.

When she was recreated for the New 52, by  Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, she was given a darker backstory, having been held captive and experimented on by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  Her visual design was altered, giving her a black, rocky outer covering with cracks and light spilling forth from inside.  She also sometimes appears to resemble smoke.  She was romantically linked to Kid Flash/Bart Allen.

The character description indicates that this character is an orphan.  In the comics, she had parents but they went missing, although Kiran eventually found them.  The description also states that the actor who auditions for the role must be familiar with Hindi.  In the comics, Kiran speaks Hindi as well as Punjabi and English.

‘Titans’ showcases Dick Grayson/Robin played by Brenton Thwaites, Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Raven (Teagan Croft) and Starfire (Anna Diop).  Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly will guest star as Hawk & Dove.  Of these characters, the only one that Solstice directly interacted with was Raven, who experienced pain when Solstice used her solar-based powers near her.

The Teen Titans teams that Solstice has served on were made up of mostly newer/younger characters like Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl and Tim Drake as Red Robin.  But perhaps the producers are looking to mix things up a little with characters from various generations.  She would, of course, also bring further racial diversity.

‘Titans’ is currently shooting and is expected to be released this year, via Warner Brothers’ upcoming DC Comics streaming service.  Would you like to see Solstice in this series?  If so, which version should be used?

Source: That Hashtag Show