Many fans have wondered about the continuity error of Jason Momoa‘s Arthur Curry heading to Atlantis for the “first time” in ‘Aquaman‘ could be real when it appeared he already traveled there in ‘Justice League.’ Now, director James Wan has stepped up to clarify that this isn’t actually an issue and the reason why comes directly from Zach Snyder. As Snyder was the driving force behind the DC films prior to parting ways with Warner Bros. it only makes sense that he would be aware of where exactly Curry did end up heading in ‘Justice League.”

Wan put this into perspective by sharing that:

“It wasn’t Atlantis. I spoke with Zack [Snyder, director of Justice League,] early on, and Zack mentioned that the location that Aquaman swims to in Justice League is an outpost. So when he told me that was his idea, I was like, ‘Oh great, then I can actually have Arthur go to Atlantis for the first time.’ That’s very important for me because he can go into it and have a wide-eyed approach to Atlantis and be in awe of it. I think that’s very important from a storytelling standpoint because the audience gets to experience Atlantis for the first time along with the character.”

The only problem with this logic would be if Joss Whedon changed the location to Atlantis instead of an outpost for the official release of the film.

So with all of this in mind, it would appear that because the Atlanteans wanted to store a Mother Box in a remote outpost instead of their capital of Atlantis that Arthur Curry really is only visiting Atlantis for the first time in ‘Aquaman.’

Did you think that Arthur Curry had traveled to Atlantis in ‘Justice League’ or did you feel that this wasn’t an issue for when you saw ‘Aquaman’? If you had something as strange as a Mother Box in your possession and knew of its true nature would you keep it in a remote outpost or somewhere heavily guarded? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant.