Patrick Wilson Nite Owl Watchmen

We know that HBO is busy in pre-production for their upcoming take on Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen‘ and one star from the cinematic take of the graphic novel would love to reprise his role! While it is unlikely that we’ll see Patrick Wilson coming back as Daniel Dreiberg, or as he is better known Nite Owl, it is still fun to imagine him back for another go.

When talking about the original film, Wilson stated:

“It was such a joy shooting that movie, I wanted there to be more of them. I’ve wanted to play Dan again. I certainly think we’re all more age appropriate now!”

With that in mind, this isn’t something you should get your hopes up about. At the time that this interview was conducted no one from HBO has reached out to him:

“There’s never been one conversation. I’m sure they want to stay as far away from us as possible but I love Damon Lindelof I’m so excited to see what they will do. I’d love to play [Dan] now but no there’s been no talk, I’m just a fan like you are.”

While Wilson played Daniel in the film, it could be interesting to see him take on the part of Hollis T. Mason if they did cast him for the series. Mason was the first Nite Owl who eventually gave Daniel permission to use his crimefighting name and persona. With how meta ‘Watchmen’ is often thought to be, this could be a fun way to include the actor as he was the first Nite Owl in film and now could be the original Nite Owl on television.

Wilson isn’t the only actor from the film who would have been up for returning to their respective role as we’ve previously learned that Jackie Earle Haley would have loved to have come back as Rorschach in another movie.

Would you like to see Patrick Wilson join HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ as Nite Owl? Do you think it would be more fitting for him to play the original or the younger take on the costumed hero? Share your thoughts below!