12 monkeys

The fourth and final season of Syfy’s ‘12 Monkeys‘ is coming and the crew is travelling back to 1400s England. The splinter which they take back in time will put them where the origin of the show’s entire mythology began and the answers they didn’t even know they were searching for when the series began.

In the far-flung past, they’ll have to be willing to sacrifice everything to stop both the Witness and the Army of the 12 Monkeys before they’re able to destroy humanity so far into the future.

According to executive producer Terry Matalas:

“We saved the best splinter for the last. We wanted to send them to a darker, more dangerous time period than ever before — and there’s nothing better for that than the Middle Ages. Imagine Jennifer Goines wandering through Winterfell, and you can guess the places we’ve gone with it.”

I was trying to hold back any ‘Game of Thrones‘ references, and Matalas made one for me! It seems too easy to want to stick shows into a fantasy setting these days with how popular Westeros has made it, but thankfully this appears to have a legitimate reason to bring us into the past.

We’ve got two shots from the upcoming season which show our heroes in the past that don’t actually give us any hints as to what to expect going forward which you can check out here:

Are you looking forward to seeing how ’12 Monkeys’ wraps up when all is said and done? Do you think that the series will close out while still in the past or will another splinter in time or two be involved before things are wrapped up? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly