Chris Carter The eleventh season of ‘The X-Files‘ is in full effect and with 25-years of history behind it, you would imagine that Chris Carter has an extensive system in place to keep track of the show’s continuity. Actually, he tends to just use his memory, re-watch episodes, and check online. Yes, with all of the character development, conspiracies, mythology, and monster-of-the week episodes, there isn’t a central database that keeps track of it all. With this season possibly being the last if Gillian Anderson ends up not reprising the part of Agent Dana Scully there won’t be much need for Carter to keep track of much longer.

The show’s creator was recently asked how everything has been organized since the series debuted in 1993:

“It’s hard. Many things are firm in my mind but other things, I’ve got to go back and refresh my memory. There are easy ways to do that. There are plenty of ways online to catch back up again. People have done a good job at giving you timelines, what’s happened to who when. But sometimes, you’ve got to go back and watch the episode to really remember exactly what people saw and heard and experienced.”

Even if Anderson does return, it sounds as if the eleventh season is going to fully address some of the long running plot threads from the series. This could mean a few of them can finally be put to rest, such as the Cigarette Smoking Man’s real name and that huge twist from the first episode which was first hinted at in the seventh season!

We’re still rooting that there will be enough fresh ideas and a reason for Anderson to come back, but if the show has to end, hopefully we’ll get some closure with the final credits.

If you were creating a series that could potentially film over 25-years how would you keep track of continuity for it? Do you think Carter’s method works as he has always been intimately involved with the production of ‘The X-Files’? Share your thoughts below!