The ‘Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy‘ just got a couple of new big names to join the voice cast for the series as both Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman have signed on to the show! This isn’t Hamill’s first outing in the ‘Transformers’ universe as he previously worked on ‘Transformers: Rescue Bots’ but this will be the freshmen outing for Ron Perlman. In the past, both have done some fantastic voice work so seeing either actor here isn’t that surprising. These two actors will be joining a cast which includes Judd Nelson as Rodimus Cron, Wil Wheaton as Perceptor, Jaime King (‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’) as Solus Prime, Gregg Berger who was the original Grimlock and is reprising his role, and WWE’s Samoa Joe as Predaking.

For those unfamiliar with the series, ‘Power of the Primes’ is a continuation of the 2016 release of the ‘Transformers: Combiner Wars‘ online series which has taken Transformers fans by storm. The shows have been released on go90 across the globe outside of China where it has premiered on Sohu. Each episode has an 11-minute run time and there are 10-episodes to check out.

In ‘Transformers: Titans Return’ we got to hear Hamill debut as Megatronus, or The Fallen, who is one of the original thirteen Primes. In the story, he murdered another of the originals, Solus Prime, and becomes the first Decepticon as he is forced into exile from the rest of the Transformers.

Perlman will be showing up in the third and final chapter of the series titled ‘Transformers: Power of the Primes’ and will play Optimus Primal when it drops in the Spring of 2018!

Are you looking forward to Hamill continuing his part in the ‘Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy’ and Perlman adding his own take on Optimus? Share your thoughts in the comments below!