Gillian Anderson

With well over 200 episodes and a couple of ‘The X-Files‘ movies to choose from it can be challenging to decide which of Chris Carter‘s creations are your favorite, but Gillian Anderson has picked out her top six! Yes, Agent Scully herself is sharing which she loved the most, and these six were streamed from the show’s official account as well! A nice little bonus for fans in advance of the Season 11 premiere if you ask me.

It is interesting to note that writer Darin Morgan penned two of her favorites and has an episode in the upcoming season as well. I’m sure her choices have nothing to do with Morgan tending “to make Mulder an imbecile and the butt of every joke” as David Duchovny put it.

So which are Anderson’s top picks?

  • “Ice” – Season 1, Episode 8
  • “Humbug” – Season 2, Episode 20
  • “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space” – Season 3, Episode 20
  • “The Post-Modern Prometheus” – Season 5, Episode 5
  • “Bad Blood” – Season 5, Episode 12
  • “Triangle” – Season 6, Episode 3

While a huge fan of all of these, I will also always have a place in my heart for the eleventh episode from the first season “Eve” though how much of that is from loving it to how much the band ‘Eve 6’ is named after it is hard to say.

That being said, “Ice” was always one of my all-time favorites with “Triangle” shortly behind it. While I’m a huge fan of “Bad Blood and “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space” as well, the concept of two people telling different versions of the same story is something I’m always iffy on. I’m pretty sure I saw something doing that as a kid that rubbed me the wrong way and has ruined what would otherwise be pure enjoyment of these.

What are your top 3 favorites ‘The X-Files’ episodes? Do you love all of Anderson’s choices? Share your thoughts below!