Check Out The Trailer For "Blurryman," The First Season Finale Episode Of 'The Twilight Zone'

While a few of the episodes haven’t been at the same level of quality, it is hard to argue that ‘The Twilight Zone‘ hasn’t been a hit with audiences and critics alike. The trailer for the Season 1 finale of this CBS All Access hit proves that Academy Award winner Jordan Peele had the right idea when he decided to bring the series back and host it. The finale episode is titled “Blurryman” and could very well be one of the most anticipated episodes of the season. Not only is Simon Kinberg (‘Dark Phoenix’) sitting in the director’s chair but it also stars Zazie Beetz, Seth Rogen, and Betty Gabriel.


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You can check out the trailer for “Blurryman” right here:


Tales about authors losing their grip, in reality, are either long-winded or terribly fun. This one looks to just be a ton of fun as Zazie Beetz and Seth Rogen play a pair of writers who appear to be losing their minds as a mysterious figure haunts them both.

With only a minute to tease us  with what is going on, we get to see the main actors, a tribute to the classic ‘The Twilight Zone’ episode “Time Enough At Last,” and also a reference to William Hughes Mearns’ poem “Antigonish.” Of all the episodes, I believe that this could be the one which I’m most excited about.

Are you looking forward to checking out “Blurryman” when it is released later this week? What did you think of the trailer for the season finale? Have you been enjoying ‘The Twilight Zone’ so far or are you waiting for it to escape the clutches of CBS All Access? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

“Blurryman” will end the first season of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and you can stream it on CBS All Access on May 30th, 2019!