This announcement should come as no surprise to anyone, but we’ve just learned that Disney XD has thankfully picked up ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ for a fourth season. In fact, news comes of this pickup as production is already underway for it from Lucasfilm! With the third season about to come to a close, we’ve learned that it will be continued later this year and give us more of “the thrilling and inspiring galactic adventures of the Ghost crew.”

I’ve been a huge fan of what the network and Lucasfilm have done with this series has done with the show so far though am quite curious as to how it is going to end. It almost feels that if Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus were to survive the series that it would take away from the importance of Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy. They almost need to be killed or sent to a different galaxy far far away, so they do not take away from Skywalker’s impact on the franchise.

Why wouldn’t anyone in the alliance have hooked this trio of Jedi up with one another and gotten things going quicker for the Rebellion? It is a question that needs an answer. I suspect Lucasfilm is all over this though as continuity has become essential with their new stories as the Legends line is no longer canon.

According to Programming and general manager of Disney XD, Marc Buhaj:

The team behind ‘Star Wars Rebels’ delivers epic storytelling that has captivated fans of all ages across the globe. We’re excited to continue sharing the journey of these fan-favorite Rebels with our audience in the fall.

As a fan, I can’t wait to continue this journey as well and just hope they don’t give us a happy ending that doesn’t fit into the new lore that they’ve made. The studio hasn’t released any details yet of what to expect as the third season is still in full swing, but we can expect them to emerge a the “Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this April!”

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ for another season? Any thoughts on how Ezra and Kanan could survive the show and not feel that it takes away from the original trilogy? Share your thoughts below!

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