For those who haven’t been keeping up with ‘Doctor Strange‘ as of late, magic on the whole has been broken and Stephen has recently lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki. Yes, the God of Lies is apparently busy trying to save the multiverse from cosmic level magical threats while Marvel’s most powerful magician hasn’t been doing so well. That is, until the final couple of panels of issue #383 where Strange visited Yggdrasill, the World Tree in Asgard and has apparently transcended into being a God of Magic.

I don’t know about you but just looking at that image above makes me feel that this might not have been the best of choices for the good Doctor.

Before we get into being a God now, writer Donny Cates talks about the “Exile of Singhsoon” spell which is the most dangerous in his arsenal and apparently the only one he didn’t use when magic was being extinguished from reality.

“Stephen talks about the Exile of Singhsoon as the kind of “break in case of emergency” spell. It’s supposed to be just for the Sorcerer Supreme, and it’s something that Stephen just hates—he doesn’t think that anyone should have that much power. And he doesn’t believe in himself enough to be able to use it.”

We also know that something mysterious is locked away in Strange’s Sanctum Santorum though have yet to find out what it is. Could it be a weapon against the God of Mischief?

“Come on! You put a big, secret room in the middle of a story about sorcerers and gods fighting each other—it’s a big deal!”

So, it’ll come into play but that doesn’t mean it will be a boon to Strange. Oh, and we also saw Sentry brought back into the fold:

“I don’t think it’s that weird that, of all the people in the Marvel Universe, Strange knows where The Sentry is; he’s Doctor Strange, he knows everything. And when you bring a character like that into this story specifically…The Sentry and The Void killed Loki last time. So that’s something that I know and something that Stephen knows. When you want to find something that can scare the crap out of a god, well, The Sentry’s a pretty good candidate.”

Robert wasn’t too thrilled to be brought back into the mix and it is hard to say if the Sentry will be quite as mentally stable as Robert was or if this might also indicate a return of The Void.

As to how one goes up against the God of Lies? Well, you might have to become a liar yourself. Strange previously stated that “I’m not overly fond of liars” though there is a lot of hypocrisy in that statement:

“Stephen doesn’t even get that he’s being as duplicitous as Loki. And the idea that he hid these things in the people he loves, without their knowledge…it makes them very similar characters. They both have their own very secret agendas. And as we go along, I think it’s quite obvious that this whole thing will lead to a pretty grand confrontation between this man and this God. And as we’ll see, these two are more alike than either of them would ever care to admit. They both keep things close to the chest in a way that continually comes back to bite them. I’m very attracted to the way that those to characters vibrate against one another.”

I am very eager to see this full confrontation play out. While I suspect that Strange won’t keep the new God level powers of magic that he has obtained, I do hope that it not only helps him regain his mantle but possibly boosts him back up to having at least some of the skill set that we’re used to seeing him have. He doesn’t need to be pre-“Secret Wars” level of powers but a bit more than he has now would make for more interesting encounters.

Do you think that becoming a God of Magic is something that will end poorly for Doctor Strange or will it help him regain his title of Sorcerer Supreme? How will the Sentry play into this bid for power? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

You can summon ‘Doctor Strange’ #384 from your local comic shop or favorite comic app on January 17th, 2018!

Source: Marvel